About Us

Are you positioned to profit by meeting market demands?

Consumer demand for food products raised and produced using socially responsible practices is on the rise. Shoppers vote with their dollars to support products and manufacturers that meet their specific criteria for:

  • Animal welfare
  • Environment
  • On-farm security
  • Worker care
  • Food safety and quality
  • Animal feed safety
  • Sustainability

We’re Validus, an independent certification company that prepares food companies and producers for these changing market demands.

Learn more about DairyCARE Certified producers by going to our Validus Certified Site, or visiting wfcfCARE.com to learn more.

We document and verify socially responsible animal welfare, environmental, on-farm security and worker care production practices through on-site assessments. We also conduct feed mill audits, sustainability verifications and are accredited to perform Safe Quality Food audits.

Validus is an ISO 9001: 2015 and 17065 certified company that delivers socially responsible, scientifically based and economically viable solutions that enhance the relationship between producer, seller and buyer.

Validus is now a wholly owned division of Where Food Comes From, Inc. “Our mission at Validus has been to provide on‐farm assessments and audits ensuring that production practices meet or exceed brand expectations in the marketplace – which dovetails nicely with the service base and philosophy of Where Food Comes From,” said Earl Dotson, former CEO of Validus. “By combining our resources, we believe we can deliver an enhanced set of services that add greater value to our customers and further our goal of bringing true transparency to the food industry that consumers are demanding.” You can find more information on Where Food Comes From here.