Protecting Your Reputation, Expanding Your Profits.

Validus is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company dedicated to socially responsible practices in on-farm production. We offer comprehensive, proven assessments and certifications that bring socially-responsible, scientifically-based, and economically-viable solutions to on-farm operations.

Selecting an on-farm auditor
Ask yourself the following questions before you make your decision:

  • Is the auditing firm truly an objective third party?
  • Is the auditing firm credible?
  • Is their expertise on-farm?
  • Will they come to your defense when you are under attack?
  • Are their auditors ISO trained?

Validus may not be the least expensive auditing firm, but we are the experts in on-farm work with credentials that are second to none.

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Validus is a divison of Where Food Comes From, Inc. Click here to learn more about Where Food Comes From!

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