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Validus Certified Programs

Validus understands the importance of third-party verification programs related to animal care, the environment, biosecurity and worker wellness.

Any farm that is certified to the Validus Animal Welfare, Environmental, Biosecurity and Worker Care Standards are considered DairyCARE approved and may utilize the CARE Certified seal of approval to promote their farm and/or their product(s).  Learn more below! 



More than ever, consumers are concerned about the care of animals.

The Animal Welfare Review Certification is awarded to farms that follow strict guidelines concerning the ways and conditions in which animals are raised for meat and dairy. Farms receiving animal welfare certification undergo a detailed assessment and audit of their on-farm practices.

Certification is awarded to farms that demonstrate compliance with specified criteria and standards, including:

Proper Animal Handling & Management

Housing That Promotes Animal Comfort & Cleanliness

Herd Health Procedure and Care

On-farm Security Procedures

Food & Water Quality Standards

Proper Care of Special Needs Animals

Animal Welfare Review
On-Farm Security Review


Ensuring the biosecurity of our nation’s food supply starts on the farm

Through the Validus On-Farm Security Certification program, farmers must demonstrate compliance with a stringent set of on-farm security procedures. Certification is awarded to farmers who meet these standards.  Validus On-Farm Security Review Certification is based on the following criteria:

Animal Traceability and Record Keeping

Animal Management

Facility Management

Disease Prevention

Feed Quality Management

Worker Care Review


This new Validus program includes a comprehensive pre-audit of worker care practices including worker eligibility, worker safety and worker compensation.

It is implemented onsite by Validus auditors who receive on-going, comprehensive training. Worker Care Review auditors will also be trained to audit based on the International Organization of Standards (ISO) procedures and standards.


This audit will focus on many areas, including the following:

Federal and State Labor Laws

Non-discrimination Practices

Applicable Housing Provisions

Employee / Worker Health and Safety Requirements

Employee / Worker Wages and Benefits

On-site Working Condition Observations

Transportation Requirements

Employeement Records

Environmental Review


Through the Validus Environmental Review program, farmers undergo a detailed assessment and audit of their environmental management practices.

Certification is awarded to farms that demonstrate compliance with the environmental criteria established. Criteria is based on:

General Site Management and Conditions

Manure Use and Land Application

Livestock Living and Production Areas

Animal Mortality Management

Outdoor Manure and Storm Water Storage

Waste Water Plans, Treatments and Controls

This program is based on the Good Environmental Livestock Production Practices (GELPPs), a set of standards verified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI certifies the process that the appropriate mix of industry, academia, and public were consulted in developing the ANSI certification standard.

Where Food Comes From CARE


Where Food Comes From CARE Certified is a suite of sustainability standards that certifies participating farmers and ranchers are implementing exceptional sustainable practices.

Both consumers and producers share a common interest in a transparent and sustainable food supply chain. In fact, most farmers and ranchers have an overwhelming desire to directly communicate with consumers about the care they take in raising their food. 

Where Food Comes From CARE Certified is available to farmers and ranchers within the beef, poultry, pork, fish and dairy industries.  Validus conducts the CARE Certified onsite audits for the dairy industry because of their extensive and acclaimed experience.  Validus gives CARE Certified the solid foundation necessary to help build long-term sustainability programs throughout the dairy industry. 


A CARE Certified dairy farm requires certification in three of the programs offered by Validus - Animal Welfare, Environmental and Worker Care Review.  Consumers who see the CARE Certification seal are assured that the product came from a farm that has earned certification in each area. 

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