Safe Quality Food Audits

Safe Quality Food – SQF

In striving to provide you with a robust agricultural system, Validus has expanded its capabilities into food safety auditing. Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 is Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked. Validus is licensed by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) and accredited by the American National Standards Institute to perform SQF audits, both on farm and in plants processing raw agricultural goods.

Certification schemes benchmarked by GFSI, such as SQF, are recognized worldwide and are requested more and more frequently by customers of food processors and manufacturers.

Learn more about SQF by visiting their website.

Working with Validus

Validus has been providing audits to the food industry, food packaging companies and agricultural producers since 2000. We value quality in all that we do and are committed to being efficient, timely and professional in our certification services.

Our auditors’ expertise includes training in HACCP, SQF, Quality Management Systems and Validus’ own extensive certification schemes. Validus auditors have worked in the food or agriculture production arena and have conducted thousands of audits throughout the United States. They understand auditing principles and standards, as well as production agriculture and food production. This ensures for our clients that the individuals who show up on “audit day” understand the business they are auditing.

The Validus SQF certification program follows the SQF Code Edition 8. The certification program allows certification to two levels and an optimal Quality code.

Level 1 – Food Safety Fundamentals: An entry level for new and developing businesses covering only GAP/GMP/GDP requirements and basic food safety elements;

Level 2 (GFSI Benchmarked) – Certified HACCP Based Food Safety Plans: Incorporates all Level 1 system requirements and additionally requires that a food safety risk analysis of the product and its associated processes has been completed to identify the hazards and the action taken to eliminate, prevent or reduce their occurrence;

Quality Code – Comprehensive Quality Management System: indicates that a food quality risk analysis of the product and its associated process has been completed and that the actions taken to prevent the incidence of poor quality have been implemented.

Validus currently conducts audits in 13 different SQF Food Sector Categories (FSC).  These audits include:

  • FSC 1 – Production, Capture and Harvesting of Livestock and Game Animals
  • FSC 5 – Extensive Broad Acre Agriculture Operations
  • FSC 7 – Slaughterhouse, Boning and Butchery Operations
  • FSC 8 – Processing of Manufactured Meats and Poultry
  • FSC 9 – Seafood Processing
  • FSC 10 – Dairy Food Processing
  • FSC 12 – Egg Processing
  • FSC 18 – Preserved Foods Manufacture
  • FSC 20 – Recipe Meals Manufacture
  • FSC 22 – Processing of Cereal Grains and Nuts
  • FSC 25 – Repackaging of Products not Manufactured on-site
  • FSC 26 – Food Storage and Distribution
  • FSC 32 – Manufacture of Pet Food
  • FSC 34 – Manufacture of Animal Feed

For more information contact:
Ariana Shnurman, SQF Program Manager, 515-278-8002
Please contact us at: with any comments, questions, or concerns.