On-Farm Security Audits

The Validus On-Farm Security program is a comprehensive review of the operation’s practices and procedures utilized to produce a safe product within a secure environment.  We offer this audit for dairy, swine, and crop operations.

The safety component reviews procedures in place to:

  • Minimize exposure to disease
  • Ensure access to clean inputs
  • Provide clean facilities
  • Document identification procedures
  • Record use of treatment products
  • Properly train workers on the operation’s protocols

The security component also reviews criteria in place to minimize risks of contamination, whether unintentional or intentional.

The pre-audit provides recommendations on whether or not current procedures meet or exceed expectations of the program, in both the safety and security areas.

The auditor verifies whether or not the operation is complying with the procedures and measures within the program. The auditor will review records, conduct observations, and interview workers to verify criteria within the audit. Some examples include:

  • Unintentional contamination such as incoming animals which are not quarantined prior to being placed in the herd, or a vendor who delivers inputs from farm-to-farm who does not wear clean clothing or wash trucks in between loads.
  • These Validus programs are not intended to be on-farm HACCP programs, nor do they assure that there will be absolutely no security breaches.

To request a copy of our audit standards please email us at: knowledge@validusservices.com

For more information, contact:
Matt Jones, Vice President of Auditing, 515-278-8002