Validus Verification Services, a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc., is a company originally founded by entrepreneur Earl Dotson in 1995 and purchased by Where Food Comes From in 2013 was the very first company to focus on objective/scored auditing for animal welfare.  Validus is the recognized leader in dairy animal welfare auditing and their standards are known as the gold standards for the dairy industry today.  As a part of that foundation they created, the Validus Certification Programs for the Dairy Industry are focused in three primary areas: Validus Animal Welfare Review, Environmental Review and Worker Care Review.

This foundational and deep experience in the dairy industry gives the DairyCARE Standard the foundation of experience and knowledge necessary to help build long term sustainability programs for the future.  If a dairy participates in  all three programs, they would get to use the CARE Certified logo to communicate their approval in all three pillars of caring for the animals, environment and people that Validus understood many years ago.

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DairyCARE standards include: 

Animal Welfare

  •  Proper animal handling and management
  • Herd health procedures and care
  • Food and water quality standards
  • Housing that promotes animal comfort and cleanliness
  • On-farm security procedures
  • Proper care of special needs animals



  • General site management and conditions
  • Livestock living and production areas
  • Outdoor manure and storm water storage
  • Manure use and land application
  • Animal mortality management
  • Waste water plans, treatments and controls


Worker CARE

  • Federal and state labor laws
  • Employee/worker health and safety requirements
  • Transportation requirements
  • Non-discrimination practices
  • Employee wages and benefits
  • Employee records
  • Applicable housing provisions
  • On-site working condition observations