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Validus and Safe Quality Food

It is the values and beliefs of Validus to operate our business in accordance with the principles of impartiality, transparency, competence, responsibility, confidentiality and responsiveness. Validus has set up a structure of impartial certification decision making to ensure objective and evidence based audits provide the details needed to make an informed certification decision.

Validus’ processes and systems ensure impartiality is addressed regarding certification decisions, whether focused on ownership, governance, personnel, shared resources, finances, contracts, marketing and payment of sales commission or other inducement for the referral of new clients.

At Validus, our commitment to impartiality and objectivity is part of what has helped us build a solid reputation in the field of on-farm auditing. Company structure and employee responsibilities are designed in a way to ensure that each phase of the audit process is carried out by a designated and trained employee. This ensures expertise in each area as well as impartiality.

We have also put in place a Food Safety Advisory Committee. The committee oversees decisions made in regards to the SQF Program and to assist in the review and resolution of appeals.

Our organizational structure also ensures non-certification services we provided do not influence or affect the confidentiality, objectivity or impartiality of our ISO 17065 certification work.  Validus personnel do not design or develop Food Safety Programs, nor do they consult on HACCP Plan Development or SQF implementation.

All of our auditors involved in the SQF certification process are prohibited from taking work that would constitute a conflict of interest.  We do not assign personnel to projects where impartiality issues or a potential conflict of interest exist.