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Researcher Discovers New Strain of Salmonella

A researcher at Texas Tech University recently discovered yet another Salmonella serotype.  Marie Bugarel, Ph.D., is a research assistant professor in the Animal Science Department at TTU.  She was researching Salmonella control in cattle when the discovery was made.

This new serotype is named Salmonella Lubbock after the city it was discovered in.  This is just one of about 2500 different serotypes that have been confirmed.  Of the 2500 serotypes, about 100 cause most human infections.  Human susceptibility to Salmonella Lubbock is unknown at this time.

Researchers also suggest about 20-30% of current serotypes Salmonella Montevideo and Salmonella Mbandaka will be reclassified as Salmonella Lubbock.  There is also ongoing research on whether some of Salmonella Lubbock’s serotype patterns fall into categories which are broadly resistant to antibiotics.

Although this new discovery could be very beneficial to understanding Salmonella outbreaks and their sources, more in depth research on Salmonella Lubbock’s specie, serovar, and subtype of bacteria is needed.