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No Tricks, Only Treats!

Halloween happens to be celebrated during one of the most beautiful seasons of the year.  Falling at the end of Autumn not only means farmers are busy in the fields hurrying to complete harvest before the first snow but the fall foliage is also turning a beautiful mixture of red, gold, and brown hues which is enough to brighten anyone’s day.  If that isn’t your favorite part of the holiday maybe you are more the superstitious type.

Halloween has a history of a being a holiday in which people dressed up in costumes to ward off ghosts.  By the 1920s Halloween had become a much more community based holiday that involved traditions such as trick-or-treating.  Trick-or-treating began by the belief that you could avoid tricks being played on you if you handed out treats to neighborhood children.  This also allowed a community to celebrate as a whole in an inexpensive way.   As this tradition continued, it has transformed Halloween into one of the biggest holidays Americans celebrate.

Although in the past Halloween was based much more on superstition, some of these beliefs still exist today.  Walking under a ladder, breaking a mirror, or having a black cat cross your path are considered to be some of the most common superstitions.  Believers in these superstitions suggest that you will have 7 years of bad luck if any of these unfortunate events happen to you.