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But what does it mean?

There have been a lot of articles out and about lately tackling the issue of food labels and what they really say. At Validus there are multiple programs that we work with, and they all have their own requirements. One of them is not better than another, they all cover different areas. Some of our programs focus on animal welfare, others on food safety. Some of them pertain to pigs while others are for crop production.

There are a lot of methods out there with their own labels and standards but we have realized that what’s really needed is the comprehensive approach. That is why we have started to focus heavily on sustainability. It takes more than one piece to make the whole.

For arguments sake let’s say you’re an egg producer. Animal welfare is incredibly important to you. But so are your environmental practices, your worker care activities, and your management approach as well. You can probably pick the area that you focus on the most; you can’t neglect any of the other areas if you want to be sustainable.

That’s what sustainability means, whether you’re producing eggs, dairy, beef, pork, corn, alfalfa, beans or any other agricultural product. It’s taking into account all of the cogs and wheels of your operation and maintaining and continuously improving them. Specific practices are important but not as important as implementing the right strategies for your operation. Contact us for more information about how we can help you demonstrate how sustainable you really are.