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Safety or Quality?

“The customer is always right.” It’s a widely acknowledged sentiment whether you’re acting as the customer or the merchant. On occasion in the US the safety of our food is taken for granted and instead food quality becomes the focal point. Many would argue you can’t have a “quality” product that isn’t safe, that’s why producers find both attributes vital. With horse meat recently in the news for being places it wasn’t supposed to be, there was a common question posed. Does having a lower quality product make it less safe?

One of the many acronyms used before in this blog is HACCP, in case you forgot it stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. A HACCP Plan is a food safety cornerstone that has producers scrutinize every step and ingredient that contributes to their product for potential food safety issues, and come up with ways to control them. One of the most common issues people have when developing these plans is differentiating between safety and quality.

Let’s consider cured pork sausage. A customer might wonder what type of pork was used. Whereas a HACCP plan asks if the sausage reached the necessary pH level to control any food borne illnesses. A sign at the grocery store may tell you that this particular sausage is from a local producer. The employees in charge of food safety are more concerned with whether the sausage cooled to the correct temperature in the right amount of time.

The same can be said for grain. Low kernel weights are frustrating as they decrease the return. The presence of mycotoxins however is much more detrimental as it can be dangerous to the health of those consuming the grain.

Validus highly values both safety and quality. That is why we have embedded that ideology in all the work we do, whether it involves the environment, animal welfare, worker care or crop production. To find out more about how one of our programs can help you commit to safety and quality, take a look through our website or visit our “Contact” page and send us an e-mail.