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What’s new with eggs?

A few weeks back one of Validus’ very own was in Atlanta, Georgia for the World Poultry Expo. There he attended industry meetings and brought back some key points to share about what’s going on in the egg industry. Change is in the air from animal welfare to food safety and everything in between. Based on the meeting it sounds like the industry is staying on top of things.

With the animal welfare audits that Validus has done over the past years we have certainly seen that subject come to the forefront of conversations about agriculture. When it comes to eggs, “enriched cages” is definitely the new buzz term. There are yet to be set standards as to what is good enough and what fails to meet requirements, making it a very hot topic – especially for those of us in the auditing business. Regardless of how and when it’s decided, egg producers are prepared to take the best possible care of their laying hens.

Another hot topic in the egg industry is food safety. People throw around the term sustainability a lot but if your food’s not safe, it sure isn’t sustainable. That’s one of the reasons that the United Egg Producers created and still utilize the 5 Star Egg Safety Program. Just as with the Food Safety Modernization Act, prevention rather than reaction is the key.