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A Strong Start to the New Year

Farmers are proud of what they do and more and more of them are showing it by striving to meet industry, company and personal standards. Recently, due to innumerable reasons, food companies and producers want to show that they really are doing their part. Through third party verification they are demonstrating a dedication to animal welfare, environmental responsibility, worker care and food safety.

Validus is striving to help the agricultural industry document their progress. That is why Validus is happy to welcome a new face! Brittany Pacha is the new Administrative Assistant for the Verification and Certification Department. She will be assisting with various projects and programs with focuses ranging from environmental to animal welfare. Brittany is a December graduate of Iowa State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Service Administration in Agriculture. Brittany was born and raised in southern Iowa. Her background with cattle and row crop production has helped her recognize the opportunities in agriculture and cement her passion for the industry.