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Agriculture isn’t just farming

For many, the term “agriculture” invokes visions of rolling hills, tractors and farms, but what it’s really about is one of our most basic needs: food. To people outside the agriculture sector it can be surprising to learn everything that is involved in meeting that need. They might also be interest to know all of the opportunities that it holds.

It’s true that there was a time when being in agriculture meant you worked on a farm, and for some it still does, but things have changed. Pursuing a career in agriculture no longer means you are automatically relegated to a rural area. Agriculture careers have expanded and grown over the years.  Working in agriculture can provide the opportunity to go anywhere from San Francisco to New York City, from Brazil to China.

More and more, “agriculture” is creating new prospects and opportunities for innovation. The need for dedicated and skilled people is continually increasing. Though farming is extremely important, the idea that it is agriculture has been shifting. Interested in journalism? Why not go into ag communications. Want to be an engineer? Agriculture engineering is a booming job sector. What about design, computer science, logistics or marketing – the list goes on and on – Economics? Finance? Politics? Human Resources? Each career area has its own place in agriculture as it focuses on feeding people.

So the next time someone tries to narrow the scope of agriculture, remind them not only of what it does for them but also what it has to offer.