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Ensuring the Best Care Possible:

As we move towards winter and grain prices rise, animal welfare is as important as ever. Livestock producers know that it’s their top priority to ensure that their animals are getting the best care possible. They understand better than most that it takes healthy and well cared for animals to be successful. As a livestock producer, what better way to prove to your customers and the general public that you’re doing the right thing than with a 3rd party objective animal welfare verification/certification.

Validus addresses animal welfare issues in dairy, swine, egg, beef and poultry production systems, assessing on-farm treatment, transportation and treatment at processing facilities. We are the only third-party auditor for the American Humane Association’s on-farm animal welfare program, American Humane Certified. We also preform USDA Process Verified audits and are the only privately held company approved to conduct audits for the United Egg Producers. With all the changes taking place in agriculture, there is no better time than now to prove that you really do care about animal welfare when it comes to your farm.